Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Opening Day

Obviously this is a very exciting time of the year. The kids have been working hard. For the most part we have been able to get outside, but the weather has presented some challenges. The pitching rotation is set for the 1st weekend, but the line-up is still up for grabs. On the mound Friday will be senior captain Zack Pitts. Sophomore Justin Marks will start Saturday and senior captain BJ Rosenberg on Sunday. Senior Jimmy Belanger looks to be the Tuesday starter which leaves only an inning or so this weekend in order to have him ready against Wright State. The bullpen is anchored by junior Gavin Logsdon and the young guns. Freshmen Dean Kiekhefer, Gabriel Shaw, Neil Holland, Bob Revesz and Thomas Royse are ready to get their 1st taste of college baseball. Sophomore Matt Lea (transfer from Miss. State) is coming along well. Matt missed all of last year with a shoulder injury and threw to his 1st live batter Feb. 3rd.
As for the position players, we'll talk about them next week. There are 2 injuries, junior shortstop John Dao will be out for 2 months due to an injury he received at one of our scrimmages. Sophomore Chris Pelaez is recovering from 2 hamstring pulls and will not start this weekend. He might see some at bats in the right situation. Hope to see everyone out at the ballpark this weekend.
Go Cards!


Jordan said...

I am excited coach. Good Luck tomorrow.

Tom said...

The Cards Baseball radio situation is atrocious! WAVG 1450? Give me a break. A kids walkie talkie set has more power. No offense to the fine folks at WAVG but a signal that has to bust its guts to make it to the Snyder Freeway is hardly Card worthy.

Guilty party? check out

Now the Cards have outstanding announcer, Sean Moth, popping and crackling his way through the games on a signal that has to fight, scrap and struggle to make it to my back porch.

U of L needs to figure out a way to stream the games so we can get clear, crisp coverage at home.

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bernard n. shull said...

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